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Titan Trio…poor guys. I hope nothing happens to them in the end.

I’ll be selling the set at Cosfest (Singapore) 5-6 July! See you there :)

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Leonardo Glass Cube | 3deluxe

The grounds of the glaskoch corporation, which has been run by the founding family for five generations and distributes innovative high-grade glass and gift articles under the “Leonardo” brand name world-wide, now boast striking corporate architecture. Since the official inauguration on 24 May 2007 it now forms a central element in the brand’s overall communicative presence. As an atmospheric brandworld, the Leonardo Glass Cube conveys to guests and the staff alike the company’s philosophy and visions in an inspiring manner. The open floor plan layout of the clearly designed and multi-functional Leonardo building enables an integrative linkage of product presentation zones, seminar and meeting rooms, inspiring work areas and a lot more besides across a total area of 2,900 square meters.

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